Dear HOT Holder,

Welcome to the “HotPlay Campaign” and thank you for placing your long-term trust in the HOT ecosystem. HotPlay Campaign will give our eligible holders an exclusive opportunity to be part of our next big step in bringing the HOT ecosystem to a higher level. We will offer to you, our eligible stakeholders and long-term supporters, shares of HotPlay through the HotPlay Campaign. Read the announcement by our CEO, Nithinan Boonyawattanapisut, on June 24, 2019.

Say “bye” to pop-up ads...

HotPlay is an In-game Advertising Platform that allows video games (iOS, Android and PC) to integrate with the HotNow Marketplace system. With HotPlay, game developers and players can buy/sell digital assets, ad spaces, and real-life coupons earned in games. HotPlay is now ready for 3rd party game developers to join the HotNow/HOT ecosystem so that their games can also seamlessly present coupons and advertisements from HotNow’s merchant partners.

What does HotPlay look like?

Are you eligible to participate?

In order to participate and qualify in the HotPlay Campaign, you must satisfy all the requirements below:

1) HOT Holders must be eligible in their respective jurisdictions, in accordance with their local securities laws and must prove such eligibility to HotNow or to HotNow’s registered agent.

The equity of HOTPLAY will be held in a private company, thus only accredited investors or accredited investor equivalent (depending on jurisdiction) can acquire its equity shares. HOT Holders are required to provide a letter/statement from their broker, lawyer or CPA accountant to verify that they are accredited investors or equivalent.

For your information, please see the brief summary of the definitions of “accredited investors” or accredited investor equivalent of some jurisdictions below:

Jurisdiction Name Annual Income Total Assets Net worth/Net Assets Financial Assets Investment in Securities Official Source
Thailand Accredited Investors >4,000,000 THB (together with a spouse) >50,000,000 THB (together with a spouse) N/A N/A >10,000,000 THB (together with a spouse) link
Singapore Accredited Investors >$300,000 N/A >$2,000,000 >$1,000,000 N/A link
Japan Professional Investors N/A N/A >¥300,000,000 N/A >¥300,000,000 link
US Accredited Investors >$200,000 (or >$300,000 together with a spouse) N/A >$1,000,000 (together with a spouse) N/A N/A link

The provided information only illustrates a brief summary of how the definitions of “accredited investor” or equivalent can differ across different jurisdictions. HotPlay is not responsible to certify its accuracy and correctness. It is HOT Holders’ responsibility to check with their own broker / lawyer / CPA accountants for the definition of “accredited investors” or equivalent in your own jurisdiction.

Below is a sample of a proof letter for accreditation verification:

2) HOT Holders must register their HOT wallet public address via the HotPlay Campaign platform, starting July 25, 2019. HOT Holders must complete the registration process by August 30, 2019.

3) HOT Holders must have maintained or increased their balance of HOT in the registered wallet public address between August 31, 2019 and August 31, 2021. It is important to note that most HOT Holders will also use and earn HOT as they use the HotNow platform to redeem promotions and access game features. We want our long-term supporters to use their HOT – just remember to top-up your HOT balance before August 30, 2021.